Scrap Collection

9 November, 2018
The Garbage Man announced a general scrap collection!
From 10.11.18 (00:00 by Moscow time) to 11.11.18 (until 23:59 by Moscow time) collect as many things as possible with the help of a metal detector.
The following metal items are credited:
Rusty Horseshoe
Rusty Screw
Iron Ring
Sealed Box
Artifact "Metal"
Only pick ups from the ground of an item found with a metal detector are counted. After the pick up, stalkers are free to use items on their own.
Three winners from each server (RU, Steam PvP, Steam PvE) who have made the highest number of pick ups will receive prizes:
Turtle Backpack (30 days)
Injector with Purified "Hellcat" - 3 pcs.
Batteries 1.5V AA - 5 pcs. (500 batteries)
Salt Batteries 9V - 5 pcs. (500 batteries)
Additional prize: 10 sZone pins for every 30 items.
Good luck!