Three days on the Arena

2 November, 2018
From 03.11.18 (00:00 MSK) till 05.11.18 (until 23:59 MSK) win as many times as you can on the Arena... and don't lose! Defeats are deducted from wins. In other words, having won 300 times, but having lost 100 times, the fighter will earn only 200 points.
Three players from three servers (RU, Steam PvP, Steam PvE) with the most points will receive prizes:
"Bobik" Armor Vest (pers., 30 days)
RGO Frag Grenade - 3 pcs.
Syringe with Adrenaline (personal) - 3 pcs.
Incentive prize: 50 sZone pins for every 100 victories for RU and Steam PvP servers.
Fighters from the Steam PvE server will receive 25 sZone pins for every 50 wins.
The incentive prize does not depend on the number of defeats.
Good luck!