Big hunt for killer-mutants!

28 September, 2018
Stalkers! A big hunt for killer-mutants is announced! All the Zone inhabitants are participate, you do not need to take additional quests.
From 00:00 29.09 till 23:59 30.09 MSK kill as many "killer" class mutants as possible to get a reward from hunters.
EVERYONE, who defeats more than 3, will receive 10 "sZone" pins for each killed mutant.
Between the brave stalkers who will manage to cope with 5 or more "killers", prizes will be played:
1 prize: "Seven Years" Complete Set (60 days) in Box (60 days)
2 prize: Cynologist Suit (S-Camo, 30 days)
3 prize: Artifact "Verlioka's Cube" (24 days)
The more mutants you kill, the higher the chances of getting the best prize!
Good hunting!