December slaughter

2 December, 2017

On 03.12.17 invasion of mutants is expected. Intelligence reports that several mutant killers were seen in the crowd. Stalkers urge everyone to rally in front of the threat and stay against evil in the square of J7 - 4, Lubetch Forestland.


Grisha from the central Market promised to give out quests on the eve for an additional reward, but regardless of him, the hunters' faction is going to reward three daredevils (separately from each server) who manifested themselves in the upcoming battle and destroyed the largest number of creatures.


The main prizes for the three winners:


Nuclear Grenade - 3 pcs

Syringes with Cure for Sporosis (box)

Scanner for Traders (10 days)

Box of Humanitarian Aid

"Thunderbolt" Tincture - 5 pcs

"Bloody Mary" Tincture - 5 pcs

Thirty "sZone" pins

Sweets and fruits


Consolation prizes for other participants who showed a decent result:


"Thunderbolt" Tincture - 5 pcs

"Bloody Mary" Tincture - 5 pcs

Five "sZone" pins

Sweets and fruits


Invasion of mutants is expected at the next time:


16:00 MSK - RU-server

16:30 MSK - Steam PvP

17:00 MSK - Steam PvE