FIX for Patch 1.4

7 August, 2017

New fix, today!


1. Fixed the disappearance of textures of models, various objects, as well as land and other surfaces.

2. Corrected exit and respawn in the dungeon "Tunnels of Vesuvius".

3. Fixed the head of female characters (the eighth in a row).

4. Assault rifle shooting while running forward was fixed for female characters.

5. Fixed a bug when Zelyonkin and Gourmet did not continue the general line of quests if the player's karma was below 250.

6. The scope for weapons "Zone" and "Cobra" is now installed without errors.

7. Added a message to the chat and experience for beginning of the flag raising during the capture.

8. Fixed a bug when blyaks continued to stand after death.

9. Corrected spawn of Sorcerers in Wasteland, Forestland and Tunguska.

10. Corrected respawn of other mutants in the entire Zone.

11. The list of the merchant's goods on the new base near the LVZ was corrected.

12. The name of the merchant who pretended to be a merchant of "Sanatorium" was corrected.

13. Corrected the names of containers in the sixteen-storey building.

14. Visual correction of stashes.

15. The gesture "Joy" is corrected, "Joy" will return to all the players from whom it disappeared.

16. Eliminated individual cases of game crashes.

17. Fixed other bugs and glitches.

The restart of servers will be announced separately.