Stalker's biathlon

21 April, 2017
Some small evil creatures, or elves, began to appear on Anomalous Zone's open spaces. Of course, Grisha the Hunter couldn't miss such an event.
Elves appear in the most diverse parts of the Zone, so hunting them is like a biathlon - find the fastest way to get to the point, shoot the target and run further, for the next long-eared beast.
You can hunt elves every 12 hours.
The one who will pass the quest faster than everyone will win.
From 00:00 MSK, April 22, to 23:59 MSK, April 23, three stalkers, who showed best results in the Biathlon, will get prizes. Every server (RU, Steam-PvP and Steam-PvE) will have it's own three winners.
1 place: 30 sZone pins, 3 Gestures by choice
2 place: 20 sZone pins, 2 Gestures by choice
3 place: 10 sZone pins, 1 Gesture by choice
If during the contest a stalker has passed the Biathlon quest several times, the best time will be taken into account.
Elves have already begun to appear at different points of the Anomalous Zone. You can start practice!
Good luck, stalkers! And remember, an elf is a vicious little beggar. It's not easy to spot and it's hard to kill.