Winners of the Big Hunt

17 April, 2017
Dear players!
Sorry for error in calculations, and thanks for everyone who pointed it out!
Here is corrected list of winners:
1 место: FAQtastik killed 20 bosses
2 место: Окаянный_гробовщик killed 13 bosses
3 место: АгрегатныйДворник killed 7 bosses. 
1 место: АРТИСТ (Steam-PvE) killed 10 bosses
2 место: Goofy999 (Steam-PvE) и Mats (Steam-PvE) killed по 9 bosses
3 место: хищник01(Steam-PvР) и Пытаюсь_Разбогатеть (Steam-PvР) killed по 8 bosses. 
As compensation for our error prizes of 4-10 spots will go to everyone who killed at least one boss monster during event.