Arena champions event

17 February, 2017
Yesterday, at the conference with players, you asked us to do more game events involving the Arena.
With pleasure!
This weekend we will repeat the "Champions of the Arena" contest and give away two sets of prizes: on Saturday and on Sunday.
The toughest fighters who will win the most amount of matches will get valuable prizes.
In 18.02 and 19.02 we will define two lists of winners: one for RU-server and one for all Steam-servers. Only battles which will happen from 00:00 till 23:59 MSK and from 00:00 till 23:59 MSK will count.
Each day winners will get:
1 place: 30 sZone pins, 30 syringes with Adrenalin.
2 place: 20 sZone pins, 20 syringes with Adrenalin.
3 place: 10 sZone pins, 10 syringes with Adrenalin.
4-10 places: 5 sZone pins, 5 syringes with Adrenalin.
Best of luck, stalkers!
Zone bless you.