Development news

8 February, 2019
Because of increased anomalous activity lately, we, frankly, did not indulge you with news about global changes in the game.
However, during this necessary "silence", work was carried out to change many components of the game.
Today we can confidently say that life in the Zone will soon become more interesting and fun.
The first large package of changes is being prepared as a whole series of patches. From small, aimed mainly at improving the comfort of players, to global, affecting the basic mechanics of the game. We value your opinion on all planned innovations. So please check out the nearest ones:
1. Global auction for the purchase and sale of loot and other items.
2. The evolution of the mechanics of trade. Gradually, "sitting" traders will become less dependent on donate. Later they will be completely replaced by different, more convenient mechanics.
3. Changing principles of the weapon mechanics. In particular, we plan to remove mandatory requirement of weapon magazines. The magazines will remain as "amplifiers" only, which can be used to improve the performance of the corresponding weapon.
4. New repair mechanic. The item recovery, which is too expensive now, will be abolished in favor of the single durability parameter.
That is the first part of all the planned changes and improvements that will be introduced "step by step" with the nearest patches.
The main objective of these and many other upcoming changes is to significantly reduce the total cost of weapons, both common and the donate. We really appreciate your opinion on these innovations. Therefore, please share your view in the comments below.
Thank you, stalkers.