TOZ-34 Shotgun
Level: 1
Weight: 3.2000 кг.
Durability: 280000

Good old freakin' shotgun, with such our ancestors went hunting. Used to mass-produce in Russia for the needs of hunters and jaegers and until now there are some serviceable units in good condition. With low number of shots without reloading, it, nevertheless, can do a lot of damage in close combat. Can damage or destroy several targets within the area at once.

Rate of fire 3.00
Range 60.00
Damage 0.00
Armor-piercing 0.00
Spread 0.028

Ammo: 12/70 0000 , 12/70 Bullet , 12/70 00 , 12/70 RB , 12/70 OP

Tags: Shotgun

In-game cost: 9900 Silver