"Cobra" Assault Rifle (Modified)
Level: 5
Weight: 3.0000 кг.
Durability: 500000

Experimental "bullpup" rifle with an active barrel cooler, for a cartridge of 7.62x54 caliber. The prototype came into the Zone for field testing, but local craftsmen "requisitioned" and modernized the weapon. The result of their work can be seen in the hands of stalkers. You need to attach a magazine to use this firearm.

Rate of fire 12.00
Range 135.00
Damage 56.00
Armor-piercing 30.00
Spread 0.00568

Ammo: 7.62x54 , 7.62x54 AP , 7.62x54 HP , 7.62x54 AP-T , 7.62x54 RB , 7.62x54 HPT

Tags: No

In-game cost: 834000 Silver