Saiga-12К (D-Camo, 360 days)
Level: 3
Weight: 3.6000 кг.
Durability: 324000

A bonus item with limited time of use. This item will disappear after 360 days from the moment of purchase. Automatic shotgun, massively produced in Russia for hunting purposes, the same way massively used by different security companies. Thanks to the automatic recharge, can give an incredible damage in melee, therefore he became a favorite weapon of stalkers. Also, when charging a fraction -- does damage to multiple targets, in the spot lesions. A camouflage variant of Saiga-12К, perfect for a desert area combat.

Rate of fire 4.00
Range 60.00
Damage 10.00
Armor-piercing 0.00
Spread 0.024

Ammo: 12/76 0000 , 12/76 Bullet , 12/76 00 , 12/76 RB , 12/76 OP

Tags: No

In-game cost: 26400 Silver